Posted by: admin | March 28, 2009

Kinetic Energy:A New Green Energy

In our last post we mentioned some products using kinetic energy as their source of power. But what exactly is kinetic energy? In truth it is really very simple. Kinetic energy is the energy an object has when it is in motion, and it is directly related to that object’s mass, or size, and the speed it is going. In other words, when you throw a ball straight up, it continues to gain kinetic energy as it gains speed. When it reaches the top of its path and stops moving all the kinetic energy has been transformed into potential energy. As it falls back down, gaining speed, the ball once again increases its kinetic energy until it is either caught or lands on the ground. At this point I would guess that all the kinetic energy it had the moment before the ball was stopped either by your hand or by the ground is turned into heat which is partly transferred to your hand or the ground, and also slightly heats the ball. As a source of useful energy for consumers kinetic energy is still and infant resource. But who knows, maybe one day kinetic energy will be used for more things than just throwing balls or riding roller coasters!

At IDT Energy we are always looking for ways to inform the public, help you save money and of course help our planet.



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