Posted by: admin | March 23, 2009

Sony’s eco-friendly odo line – saving energy

In IDT Energy’s relentless pursuit of ways we can all save energy and help our environment, we came across some interesting gadgets from the Sony corporation. These products, which seem to be designed for children, utilize kinetic energy to supply their power. They are manufactured from recycled plastic and B

Thanks to Gizmodo for the latest on Sony’s eco-friendly odo line, which includes:

Spin N’ Snap camera
Push POWER Play viewer
Crank N’ Capture video cams
Pull N’ Play headphones
Solar array Juice Boxes (equivalent of batteries)

How do they work?

“The Spin N’ Snap is probably the most intuitive—you twirl it around your fingers (well, you turn the hole, so hopefully you can twirl it, otherwise it might be tedious) to charge it and then use the same holes as the viewfinder. The others work similarly: You turn the crank on the video camera, tug the cords on the headphones and roll the viewer along a table to charge it up.”

Reminds me of children’s toys – not in a bad way, of course.


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