Posted by: admin | March 13, 2009

Jennifer Aniston: Smartwater or Dumbwater?

Jennifer Aniston Smart Water

According to Ecorazzi, Jennifer Aniston’s decision to promote Smartwater, billed as a sports drink because of its infused electrolytes, puts her on the other end of the green spectrum.

Their claim is that bottled water is not a necessity in most parts of the developed world and is antithetical to environmental values. They say:

“We’ve been so brainwashed into believing that bottled water is better for us that we completely view any other alternative as a detriment to our health. Never mind the fact that tap water is more stringently monitored and more tightly regulated than bottled water. Never mind that of the 8 billion gallons consumed by Americans in 2006, only 15% of the bottles were recycled.” In New York even green and energy conscious people are finding it difficult to ignore the issue of plastic drinking bottles. More recycling is on the way.

That is one way to see it – but the condemnation seems a bit harsh. If Smartwater actually helps improve sports performance, then Jennifer Aniston is getting behind something which in fact is not comparable to either tap water or bottled water.

Let’s give her a little breathing room, shall we?


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