Posted by: admin | June 19, 2007

Legislation not the answer to Energy Problems

I am fascinated by the recent article in the TIME Magazine.,8599,1634516,00.html?cnn=yes

I would encourage energy-minded individuals to read it. 

The current back-and-forth legislation process over energy consumption is really NOT the solution to energy problems.  Agreed, we have serious problems with global warming.  Even die-hard opponents of the global warming risks admit the necessity of alternative and green energy sources.  However, do we really NEED to legislate it? 

The American Economy was built on the capitalist dream:  Individuals make the difference.   We can do the same for ENERGY.   If we believe that energy consciousness and environmental consciousness is important than let US individually MAKE the difference.  We do NOT need to rely on legislation.

Here is how:  

1.  If each household bought ENERGY STAR or Energy Reduced light bulbs (for example, check out the selection at:

2.  If each household converted a portion of their energy selection to Green energy  (New Yorkers, check out this:

3.  If each household bought Energy Star products or environmentally friendly products. (for example, check out the selection at:

4.  If each household invested in solar energy for personal use.  In the Middle East and Europe, households are MUCH more advanced in this.  It is common to see in those areas of the world solar panels to heat water and short term power. 

Each individual can make a difference. 

Call me at 1-877-777-0438.    Let’s talk ENERGY.

How can WE make a difference — TOGETHER.


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